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We do a full mobile service for any event producer, club owner/manager, commercial or private, in the Washington and northwest Oregon Area. The installation can be for a one time event at any time of day or night, or long term. For venues and clubs, an ongoing lease for an installed PA from Human Sound is an excellent choice, as our current clients give us A+ reviews. Their spaces sound amazing, and the overall reliability of the equipment is not only unparalleled, but replacement guaranteed against a rare eventual failure with any individual component. Open air, outdoor event spaces are JUST FINE WITH US, as we provide our own quiet Honda generators to power us up with. We dont just rent speakers, we come to you with a smile and a hard working attitude. We can provide sound systems to accommodate DJ's, live bands- and just about anything you can think of, where you could use a great sounding PA!
At Human Sound, we use select gear by the likes of == KV2 Audio, QSC, Allen & Heath, Shure, Mackie, JBL, and many more. We do NOT sell gear or involve with any branding sponsors, so we can give you the most honest advice and service when it comes down to what you actually need to meet your system requirements.



Human Sound Packages 
For single day/night events (indoor)- includes delivery, set-up & tear-down

*All packages come with up to 6 Shure microphones, if needed

*Generators available upon request

• Baseline system: = 375$ 

4 QSC K10's (2 as monitors) with 1 or 2 compact JBL SRX 18inch Subs Includes an Allen & Heath DJ mixer and/or a small Yamaha stage mixer. "a compact, yet very capable system that can cover surprising amounts of people for its size"

•  Mid Sized Full system: = 600$

2 QSC KW 15 inch main speakers with 4 large KV2 18 inch Subs, also with 4 QSC K10's for monitors/fills. Includes Allen & Heath DJ mixer and/or Mackie Onyx Stage mixer. The extra pair of K10's for fills also included. "This system can cover crowds of at least 400 or 500 people with solid, fulfilling response" 

•  Large Sized Full system: =

2 QSC KW 15 inch main speakers with 6 large KV2 18 inch Subs, also with 4 QSC K10's for monitors/fills. The extra pair of K10's for infills also included. "This system covers an approx 30 to 40% larger crowd than the Mid Sized System, or can be of excellent use for music types/events that have more low end needs"

 VERY Large Sized Full system: Call in for Details...

If you need a system larger than outlined above, we can provide one scaled to the size of your event. This Main PA for big shows is variable depending on specific needs and will be KV2 Audio in brand choice. 

• We also provide complete JBL SRX sound rigs for mobile setups or fixed installations in venues, please call to inquire.
• For Outdoor events or in the case of events that go for more than 12 hours: Call for details.


* Mixing and setup of bands is an extra 35$ an hour. 
**Standard Rates do not include fuel costs, or directly incurred travel expenses such as toll roads and ferries. However, these extra expenses are typically minimal and itemized individually on your receipt for utmost clarity.



• Shure SM57

• Shure SM58Beta

• Shure Beta98 Clip on condenser mic


Also, for installation purposes, we offer multiple different systems for your in-house sound needs. Call 206 427 6635

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